Tuesday, 6 October 2009


Well hello from Japan (as you do!)
I didn't get chance to write anything after the show at Hugglets as I went down with the dreaded swine flu at the actual show. By the time we got home, I went straight to bed and was ill for a week and then had the complications in the form of a stubborn chest infection which is on its 3rd course of antibiotics and only just easing. So all my plans to have 3 calm weeks before travelling to Japan never happened. The long walks with the dogs, the various things I wanted to have time to go shopping for (saved a fortune!) the food I was going to cook and leave in the freezer, bears I needed to make ready to bring etc etc. It just never happened. All I did was go to the doctors 3 times! And then get up for my first full day on the day I had to fly 12 hours. Not ideal but I managed it and I am here and finished a nice little 13" alpaca bear in a peachy colour today.
People seemed to enjoy watching him being created, and I even had one lady virtually sitting on my shoulder watching the nose stitching from behind me. I was worried I would poke her in the eye with the needle if she got any closer! Lots of nice people practiced their English on me and all apologised that it wasn't very good - which is a shame they feel like that when my Japanese is non-existent. That was another thing I was going to do in that 3 weeks.... Oh well.
So no photos this post but just to say hello from a different side of the world this time and let you know what is happening.
Apparently we are getting a typhoon tomorrow which doesn't seem to alarm them in the least but I have to say I am absolutely terrified. When I asked what will happen I was told it will rain very hard and be a hurricane, and be dangerous to be out but we still have to go to work. Wish me luck please cos I am very scared.
Will let you know (hopefully!) how I survived!
Bye for now.

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