Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Still in Japan

I thought I would upload a few pictures from the British Fair at Mitsukoshi in Tokyo for you to enjoy and see where I am and what I have been up to.
A happy new Warren Bear owner with Yuki

and another new owner who seems very pleased with little Samuel.
(A name that sadly proved very hard for them to say.)

Here are the 2 new bears so far.
The one in the blue duffle coat is Big Ben and the other is Marlborough (another tricky name for them!) He looks a bit cross in the picture but its just cos his fringe is squashed down.
This is Reiko and Yuki, the two ladies who are selling the bears for M's Collection here and looking after me so well.

This is a sweet little girl, loving the bear,
who then wiped her mouth on it straight after this photo was taken!!
She said "Hallo" so nicely too!

The typhoon is scheduled for 3pm tomorrow (Thursday 8th) so I hope I will still be here to let you know what it was like! I had an encouraging email from a friend who said he was here in a 45 second earthquake that knocked his beer on the floor and broke a fish tank of piranhas in the restaurant (I presume they are no threat floundering on a dry floor!!) and the local people took it in their stride so I hope they look after me tomorrow. I feel like its having earthquakes all the time. Its a strange thing I always get with jet lag, feeling like the world is rocking and swaying. I know it isn't cos I keep checking all the cabinets around me and they are all very still and not shaking but I swear they should be, it is rocking so much!
And all without the aid of drugs
(well apart from anti biotics but I don't think they can do anything exciting like that!)

Today was fairly quiet - still raining constantly - and I was able to try out the umbrella machine. Everyone here has an umbrella, even just about every man you see, and at the shop there is a special gadget that you put it into and it wraps your brollie. Its just like the Christmas tree wrapping machines and I felt that it ought to be tried out whilst I am here!
So I did!

Anyway, more tomorrow......


  1. Loving the updates on here, Mum :) Great to see some pics as well - that little girl wiping her mouth is classic!! Well done for keeping us posted. Praying about the typhoon...(which somehow always makes me think of tea. I think it's cos of Typhoo tea. Which reminds me, I meant to put some English tea in your little travel parcel. Rubbish daughter, sorry :( )
    LOVE YOU Oriental Artist!!!xxx

  2. or should we say a DISorientated artist? xx