Saturday, 12 September 2009

Ready for Hugglets on September 13th 2009

Well, at last I am ready for the BIG SHOW tomorrow. I can't believe what hard work it has been making all the bears, and then getting them all ready - photos, labels, layout, packing etc but its all done now! Phew. And I just had a lovely lunch and coffee out with Keith at a local Italian deli just down the road. The table wasn't big enough for all the plates! Getting ready for a show makes you hungry!
So here they are for your delight!
I thought it was about time I did a theme again so welcome to the

Willow 21"
very long and dense mohair in cream and gold
(On the lace collar it has a commemorative bear badge
but you could use your own keepsake if preferred)

Lily the Panda Cub who sits or lies down
13" dense mohair

Magnolia 13"
dense and fluffy white mohair

Jasmine 17"
dense and fluffy white mohair
Sweet Pea 13"
cream kid mohair (incredibly soft)
Capability Brown 17"
vintage quality luxurious dense cocoa alpaca
Radish Little Handful 10" Honeysuckle
soft grey alpaca 13" dense cream and
gold mohair

Briar 11" Poppy
sparse gold mohair 9" caramel and beige alpaca

Lavender 9"
Sparse white mohair

and then because I promised you a picture of "Meg's pond" (and she has just this minute been bathed again following a swim this morning!) here is is looking quite settled and established although with less fish than Wednesday following a visit from a Heron on Thursday!

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