Thursday, 8 October 2009

After the Typhoon

Well I am delighted to report that the dreaded typhoon which decided to come early and was forecast for last night, then also chose to swerve away from Tokyo at the last minute and hit them further up north. Sorry for them, but very relieved for us. It was still a very wet and windy night although Reiko and Yuki slept through and didn't hear a thing, I only got 1 hour sleep so its been a bit of a jet lag day again. I am very relieved though. It was still very windy earlier on, but cleared now, and all is well!
The lady who tried to climb on my shoulder to watch me sewing the other day, came back again today. I think she is lonely and likes to chat which is amusing as I don't do Japanese and she doesn't do English, but it doesn't seem to stop her. She is fascinated with my hands and keeps grabbing them and squeezing them for some strange reason. Big Ben, the bear I made yesterday went happily off with some new owners today, so that was nice.
I had quite a few nice chats today with people who DO speak English (and some English people too!) and one lady of 80 had just decided to learn it, and was amazing already. So it was a busy day and I didn't get a bear finished today, so will have to work harder tomorrow. And on that note, its time to get some sleep.

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