Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Another month has flown by.....

Hello again, yet another month has whizzed by. I must be getting old because it doesn't seem like a month since I updated my blog.
I am having trouble updating my website so although there are lots of Warren Bears, none of them are there for you to see. Sorry about that!
I have just sent another large box off to Japan
and now I am working on some bears for Hugglets in September. I haven't left myself much time!! I have a lovely dense, wavy, white mohair cut out for a larger 17" bear and am in the process of stuffing a 13" panda cub who is looking very cute. I found out that I didn't have another bag of stuffing up in the loft as I had thought I had, and then had to wait over a week for a delivery of another 25kg consignment of it as the factory was on holiday! Its unusual for me to work on more than one bear at a time, so I am not sure which to do first! I have a head full of ideas but not very much time, so must get cracking.

We just had a wonderful 2 weeks down in Cornwall and completely relaxed and enjoyed the beaches and cream teas, fresh seafood, pasties and sunshine etc etc. I really didn't want to come home this time. The dogs had a great time too, racing along empty beaches, barking at peregrine falcons and hang gliders, and Meg tried desperately to catch a seagull which was very entertaining!

We also had another great trip to the zoo this weekend to visit the new Orang utan that has come to keep Rajang company. He was a real sweetie but very shy, and went about with a blanket over his head all the time!! Most cute. We loved watching the antics of the squirrel monkeys too, and the chimps. It was a really fun day with just us two grown ups. It felt really strange not to have some sort of child with us, so Keith had a children's lunch pack from the
cafe instead! Actually it was nice, and healthy too.

Anyway, enough of this, as its not getting those bears stuffed! I will put up the pics as I make them so you can see that I am making an effort for Hugglets!!

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