Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Introducing my new little friend FUREVER......

Feeling I have some energy again finally, (after waiting more than 8 months for it!) I wanted to celebrate by making a bear again. I haven't been able to make any since early February and its lovely to be back in the bear room again.
Here is FUREVER. He is about 8¾ inches tall and 6 inches when sitting. He is made from beautiful pale gold soft mohair and has cheery gold cashmere sculpted pads, a soft mink nose, and airbrushed eyes and ear tips. He has a little wobbly head (but not too wobbly!!) and a look of curiosity!! He is a real little sweetie. I don't make tiddlers very often, I don't know how miniature bear makers have the patience!

I am so happy to have energy again and really hope it lasts for a while this time. I attribute it to having had 3 reflexology treatments this past month - it really has made a huge difference.

We are dog sitting this week for some friends golden labrador, Oscar, who is a real sweetie and has fitted in very well with our two little terriers who adore him.
On Sunday we all went off to the beach as it was so gorgeous and Oscar was squinting in the sun so I helped him out with some sunglasses!
He seemed to be quite happy wearing them....

Anyway, I am off to make another bunny now as it is Easter, so 
watch this space in a day or two.

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