Monday, 30 March 2009

Sheep Rustling

I haven't had any time or good health to be making bears for ages now, February for the show was the last time and I am itching to get back to my sewing table and start using some of the lovely fur I bought at Hugglets. 
In the meantime however, here is what we got up to last week!
Our church wanted something newborn for a children's service on creation and so after asking around, we were very kindly told we could borrow a lamb. Well, I can't tell you how excited I was, and I even made Keith take a day off so he could come and collect it with me and take a photo! So off we went, last Wednesday lunchtime to collect our newborn lamb - still not believing how kind and trusting they were to let us borrow her, and THIS industrial 'nearly sheep' was brought out to the car!!
She seemed to enjoy her little drive and was as good as gold, and no, she didn't do anything unpleasant in my car either. We did have one hairy moment when we had to pull up alongside a police motorbike at a junction and he looked down into the car. I wonder what he thought he had seen!!

She is called Jill!
Hmmm. Not really small, white, fluffy, or cute either!
But she did turn out to be incredibly sweet natured as she charmed our Rev.....

The tiddlers all got to have a little stroke (and then dutifully had their hands washed - just in case any heath and safety people are reading!!) and I think we got away with it and they thought it was newborn!  Poor Ewe.....

Another thing that has amused us this week is this little video I was sent. My daughter has put it on her blog too as it is so sweet. (She did it first and I am copying her cos I am new to all this!) 
I hope it amuses you too.

Anyway, nothing else exciting to report, unless you want to hear all about shingles......

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  1. Brilliant post :) Love it! Very animal-themed as well, haha!! xx