Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Melanie went to the zoo

I had the BEST day on Saturday! 
It was my Birthday, and it started with some lovely pressies from my family and friends, and a piece of yummy cake made by Vianney and Vicky, and then we went off to the zoo for the day. Keith had bought me an ORANGUNTAN experience and I have been very excited about it for months now, and finally, the day had arrived! I just love Orangutans, and even though sadly, Colchester Zoo only has one now at the moment as their female died a few months back, Rajang is a pretty majestic old boy at 41 and I was really looking forward to it. 
We love Colchester zoo, its just such a fun day out. 
We fed elephants by hand. 
We were in the front row for the penguin feed, where they bring them into a room for them to look at the humans! 
We just loved the monkeys and all their antics and for Vianney it was his first trip to a zoo and first time to see most of these animals which made it even more fun. But the best bit was my time spent with the keeper and learning more about Rajang. He is such a soulful old thing, and he looks deep into your eyes.

 I won't  bore you with all the details, (like I have done to my family!) but it amused them to take photos of me in a zoo cage, and I was thrilled that he reached out and touched my hands and was intrigued by my bright pink nail varnish. He made a face and noise that his keeper said is his "happy reaction" and to think a wild creature chose to touch me is very special. We came home to an orangutan cake 

made by Keith which caused much amusement with the children but I thought he did a brilliant job. 

A couple of weeks ago, I had another wonderful treat too, despite the best efforts of the French fishermen to try and wreck it! We went with some very good friends to Giverny, near Paris, to Monet's beautiful gardens. I just love it there and this is a lovely time of year to see them. We had great fun together and it was so nice that they loved the gardens and area as much as we do. Here a just a few photos to help you realise that you need to go and visit them too!

The food is amazing too as you can see..... mmmmm happy memories...

..oh and I AM making bears too. 
I promise! 
I will take some photos and share them with you later in the week.

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  1. Love this post - it was such a fun day out indeed, you covered all the best bits and your pics are gorgeous! Well blogged, Mother ;) x x x