Saturday, 20 February 2010

Not going to Hugglets this time........... BUT!!!!.........

Sadly I am not able to be at Hugglets Winter Bearfest next weekend. I always need the assistance of Keith to get there, set up, clear up and get home again and he is away so not able to do all that.

There are 4 new bears and I hope they will be up on the site this weekend, but just in case, here are their pics. The reason they are all looking up is that it had just started snowing and you can just see snowflakes on the cover they are sitting on!!

OH Yippee! I am off to Lincoln to be with Rosemary!

I am off to America to Tim!!
Woo hoo! I am off to America too - to Helen's!

If you would like information on materials and size etc please just email.

1 comment:

  1. They are adorable Mel, Wish I could treat myself to one. Hope life is treating you well, Love and hugs xx