Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Really excited!!

I am really excited!
It is a while since I bought a new bear, and there are rarely any bears available from multi award winning Donna Griffin of Donna and the Bears so when I saw that she was auctioning 3 bears in aid of the appeal for Haiti earthquake survivors it seemed a good time to buy one.
He is on his way from Carolina now and should be here in a few days.
Here he is - Richard! The three bears are named after the Top Gear presenters, so I got the hamster!

Isn't he lovely? He will be coming to join little Dibley who I have had for just over a year now and love to bits. You can see him on her site, on the bear gallery.
Gorgeous, proper, traditional teddy bears!!

I still haven't finished my little gold bear yet. I never seem to get much time to spend bear making at the moment, it is very frustrating. I will post his pic in a day or two when he is finished I hope.

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  1. Aaaahhhh he's gorgeous. And you definitely got the best of the three Top Gear boys. Seriously cute :) xx