Sunday, 22 November 2009

Internet Cache

I just had a very annoying few hours!

My friend told me he had updated my site, but when I looked it wasn't any different.
I tried everything but still got the old pics up and not the new festive opening page.
I knew it was there but for some reason I was just getting the page that
has been there for months.
So, I refreshed the page over and over, I deleted cookies, history,
bookmarks, more history, everything!!
Then I found a button to DELETE CACHE and lo and behold,
there was my new exciting page with the new bears on it too.
I don't know what it means and hope I haven't messed anything up but
at least I can see the new photos now!!
So if you aren't getting the festive vibe when the home page opens up,
maybe yours is stuck somehow too. They ARE there. I promise!!
Thanks Keith, you have done a lovely job as usual with the site!

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