Wednesday, 24 June 2009

What have I been up to the past 7 weeks?? Well......

Well, what a very long time since I wrote anything. I have been very busy having shingles and being really unwell. However I am feeling a lot stronger now, and life has been quite full still with no regard for my illness!!

Just this week for example, on Monday I had a lovely lunch out with Keith and a wander through St James' Park afterwards which was a treat.
Then on Tuesday, I had a little mission (for my best friend who lives in SA) to go to the Radley shop in London (WHAT a hardship!!) to get a handbag in the sale for her, and it would have been rude to not buy myself a lovely purse while I was there >:-))
We took in the Liz Earle shop too and stocked up as I just love her stuff and then my friend (who had also succumbed to a number of new handbags in the sale) treated me to a Lebanese lunch. Wow! Never had that before and I loved it too!
Today I spent most of the day finding boxes, getting quotes and posting bears off to Japan.
I always hold my breath for a week after that until I know they are all there safely!
More bears to make for them, and bears to make for Hugglets in September, but in the meantime I am off to Berlin tomorrow for a few days which should be really fun. I haven't been there before, but am looking forward to it as the hotel has a spa. Say no more!
Oh yes, and last week I qualified as a reflexologist. I am so excited (and proud) because its been 2 years of hard study to get to this. So now I will be dividing my time between my beloved bears and doing lovely reflexology treatments (I hope)
Well, I have put up some pics of a few of the little ones that have just started their journey, and hope you think they are sweet.

Oh and whilst I was being ill, Keith and Andrew dug a pond in the garden which is an ongoing project but one of our little dogs, Meg, just LOVES the pond. She is always to be found by it, and sometimes IN it!

Andrew has done his GCSE's and finished the last one today, so we celebrated with yummy chocolate brownie with added treats in (maltesers and rolos! Try it! Its wonderful! They melt in and mmmmmmmmm.........)

And here is a pic of a little visitor we had the other evening. Gave Keith quite a shock as he was doing the watering!

Sweet eh? Thats all for now.....

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  1. I hadn't seen this post til today. Love it :) xx